Muscle Elements PreCre XS, 30 servings (1494049194049)

Muscle Elements PreCre XS, 30 servings


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PreCre XS by Muscle Elements

High Stim Pre-Workout*

The team at Muscle Elements was an integral part of bringing the very first pre-workout to the market back in 2004. Over the last several years the meaning of pre-workout has gone from the all-inclusive energy, focus, strength and pump supplement to a simple energy and focus product often requiring the purchase of an additional product to deliver pumps. Some consider high stims as “hardcore” … call us old school but the group at Me considers lifting HEAVY ASS weight hardcore! In steps PreCre XS and now “hardcore” becomes Xtreme! No longer do you have to choose between high stims OR performance based pre-workouts. PreCre XS takes all of the amazing benefits of energy, focus, strength, pumps, and endurance of original PreCre even further by possessing Xtreme levels of energy, focus, pumps and performance!* While most other brands are content with following the trend of high margin inadequate pre-workout supplements Muscle Elements has no interest in following trends over producing the best so you can perform your best!

PreCre XS Ingredients

Cyclic Dextrin - Cyclic dextrin is a carbohydrate that is made from the enzymatic breakdown of amylopectin. The highly branched cyclic dextrin molecules consist of structural units of d-glucose and have a high molecular weight which increases the speed which it is emptied in the stomach and which increases absorption of nutrients*. Supplementation of cyclic dextrin can prolong endurance while reducing fatigue and lower blood glucose response in humans*. PreCre XS provides 5g of Cyclic dextrin per serving.

Modified Glucose Polymers (Maltodextrin) - a carbohydrate that is polymer that consisting of glucose units linked together that is made from corn, potatoes or rice. It is rapidly absorbed and easily digestible which makes it ideal to consume before exercise. Consumption of maltodextrin before physical activities has been shown to reduce fatigue, increase endurance capacity, improve exercise performance, and recovery*. PreCre XS provides 5g of Modified Glucose Polymers per serving.

AgmaMAX® (Agmatine Sulfate) - is a trademarked agmatine sulfate formulation, and is what Arginine becomes within the body. Acting on a wide variety of processes within the body, it is known to; increase Nitric Oxide production and maintain it for long periods of time (commonly referred to as the perpetual pump) and well as have shown to have some cognitive support as well. PreCre XS provides 500mg of Agmatine Sulfate per serving.

PTS Surge™ - is a proprietary form of grape seed extract, standardized for Oligoprocyanidins. Studies have shown that these polyphenols can reduce oxidative stress while also improving nitric oxide levels, as well as acting as a glucose disposal agent to more effectively turn carbohydrates into glycogen the fuel source used by muscle tissue. This ingredient helps quickly transport glycogen directly in to the muscle cell which causes increased strength, increased endurance, increased muscle volume and extreme pumps that last much longer than nitric oxide gas pumps. PreCre XS provides 100mg of PTS Surge per serving.

Betaine HCL - Betaine is a nutrient that is a compound of the amino acid glycine and is found in food sources such as beets, liver, eggs and fish. Betaine has several effects on human health such as being an antioxidant, reducing homocysteine levels which is a marker that has been linked to cardiovascular disease and protecting blood vessels*. Though the mechanism of action is not fully understood consumption of betaine before exercise has been shown to increase nitric oxide, anabolic signaling, protein synthesis, muscle endurance, anaerobic capacity and even oxygen consumption*. 1.25 grams twice daily has been shown to increase strength and power*. PreCre XS provides 1.5 grams of Betaine HCL per serving.

CarnoSyn® (Beta Alanine) - an amino acid that along with histidine makes up carnosine, an amino acid found in muscle. Carnosine plays a role in contractile behavior of muscle and reduces fatigue*. Beta alanine supplementation, the rate limiting precursor of carnosine, actually increases muscle carnosine content, exercise capacity, endurance, muscle force production, lean body mass, and decreases fatigue by buffering hydrogen ions*. Beta alanine dosages of 1.6 grams have been shown to enhance carnosine, endurance and muscle force production*. PreCre XS contains 2 grams of Beta-Alanine per serving.

Creatine - Creatine monohydrate is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body that provides energy to the body primarily the muscle*. It is present in meat such as fish and beef and increases ATP which is beneficial for higher power, short term anaerobic activities such as sprinting, football and hockey*. The supplementation of creatine increases muscle strength, muscle power, lean body mass, aerobic and anaerobic work capacity, satellite cell number, exercise performance, reduces muscle damage and fatigue*. Ingesting dosages as low as 2.3 grams a day increases creatine concentration and resistance to fatigue*. PreCre XS provides 4 grams of Creatine Monohydrate per serving.

Creatine HCL - a form of creatine that is bound to hydrochloric acid that requires no loading because it is completely assimilated in the body that is used quickly*. There is no bloating or GI distress and no need to cycle off. Ingesting dosages as low as 2.3 grams a day increases creatine concentration and resistance to fatigue*. PreCre XS provides 1 gram of Creatine HCL per serving.

Creatinol O Phosphate (COP) - a creatine analogue that has been researched to improve cardiac conditions*. Though it is close to creatine in chemical structure its function is closer to beta alanine in terms of its effect. Usage of Creatinol O Phosphate has been used to improve circulation in individuals with heart conditions and to prolong anaerobic activities by buffering accumulation of lactic acid which allows individuals to exercise for longer periods of time*. PreCre XS delivers 500mg of COP per serving.

Taurine - an amino acid that is a derivative of cysteine and that plays a role in cardiac function and in skeletal muscle. Research has shown that supplementation of taurine increases muscular performance, exercise capacity, reduces lactate acid concentration during exercise, muscle damage and oxidative stress after exercise. PreCre XS delivers 500mg of Taurine per serving.

Caffeine Anhydrous - a central nervous and metabolic stimulant that is naturally found in coffee beans, tea and guarana. Caffeine has been shown to increases energy, thermogenesis, alertness, reduce hunger and fatigue. An effective amount of caffeine can vary from 50-200 mg depending on the individual. PreCre contains 370 mg per serving.

N-Acetyl Tyrosine - a combination of acetic acid and the amino acid tyrosine which is found in foods such as yogurt, cheese and fish. It is a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine which plays a role in the brain in cognition and motivation. It has been shown to improve exercise capacity and mood during stressful conditions such as stress and fatigue. PreCre XS provides 500mg of N-Acetyl Tyrosine per serving.

DMAE (DimethylAminoEthanol Bitartrate) - a compound that is biochemical precursor to acetylcholine. Studies have shown may increase circulating choline which may have positive influence on mood. DMAE is beneficial for memory function, can increase mental adaptability, concentration, brain cell health and promote better analytical thought processes. PreCre XS provides 150mg of DMAE per serving.

Di-Calcium Phosphate, Di-Potassium Phosphate, & Di-Sodium Phosphate - electrolytes are compounds that effect fluid balance in all cells and conduct all electrical impulses and signals in the body and are essential minerals for the body to function properly. Hydration and fluid balance have a direct impact on physical performance and beverages that include sodium and other electrolytes improve fluid balance, maintain intercellular electrical signaling especially during intense physical exercise. PreCre XS has 600mg of Electrolytes per serving.

Dicaffeine Malate (Infinergy™) - is far more effective and easier on the stomach than caffeine. This is because malic acid is able to buffer the salts in caffeine, allowing for easier digestion. It is also thought that the malic acid in this combination helps to replenish the energy produced by caffeine so there is no sudden crash. Dicaffeine Malate is known to increase energy levels, aid in hunger suppression, stimulate thermogenesis (which is important for weight loss), and even improve the ability to focus. PreCre XS has 70mg of Dicaffeine Malate (yielding 50mg of caffeine) per serving.

Huperzine A 1% - A potent nootropic that allows the mind to focus more effectively and potentially increase memory, learning and cognitive function. This ingredient works synergistically with other nootropics and pairs well with stimulants for clarity, focus and concentration. PreCre XS has 5mg of Huperzine A 1% per serving.

Yohimbe HCL 99% - is categorized as an "alpha-2 adreno receptor antagonist." Alpha-2 receptors are found primarily in the fat cells of the body. When alpha-2 receptors are activated, free fatty acid mobilization is inhibited. By doing so it acts to block the activation of the alpha-2 receptors on fat cells, helping the stored fat in the form of fatty acids to be released, and eventually burned for energy. PreCre XS has 2mg of Yohimbe HCL 99% per serving.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract (Std. 90% Alpha-Yohimbine)
- This ingredient is an extremely rare variation of Yohimbine with a longer half-life and a more powerful α2-AR affinity. This means you need less of it to create a greater effect; it lasts longer and is the perfect complement to Yohimbine. PreCre XS has 2mg of Alpha-Yohimbine 90% per serving.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Muscle Elements PreCre XS

30 servings

Supplement Facts

Fruit Punch Flavor

(Supplement Facts may vary slight by flavor)

Serving Size: 1 scoop (25g)
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving: (% Daily Value)

Calories 40
Total Carbohydrate 10 g (3%)
Sugars 0 g (0%)
Calcium 83 mg (8%)
Magnesium 27 mg (7%)
Phosphorus 120 mg (12%)
Sodium 65 mg (3%)

GlycoPump & NO Infusion Elements™ 10.6g
Cyclic Dextrin 5,000 mg
Modified Glucose Polymers 5,000 mg
AgmaMAX® (Agmatine Sulfate) 500 mg
PTS-SURGE™ (Vitis vinifera)(skins and seeds) (Standardized for 40% Oligoprocyanidans) 100 mg

Bi-Cre Power Composite Elements™ 5g
Creatine Monohydrate 4,000 mg
Creatine HCl 1,000 mg

Intracellular Capacity Amplifier Elements™ 4.5g
Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn®) 2,000 mg
Betaine HCl 1,500 mg
Creatinol-O-Phosphate 500 mg
Taurine 500 mg

Mind-Muscle Activator Elements™ 1,099mg
N-Acetyl Tyrosine 500 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 370 mg
DMAE (DimethylAminoEthanol Bitartrate) 150 mg
Dicaffeine Malate (Infinergy™ yielding 50mg of caffeine) 70 mg
Huperzine A 1% 5 mg
Yohimbe HCl 99% 2 mg
Rauwolfia vomitoria Root Extract (std. min. 90% Alpha-Yohimbine) 2 mg

Hydration & Endurance Elements™ 600mg
Disodium Phosphate 200 mg
Dimagnesium Phosphate 200 mg
Dicalcium Phosphate 200 mg

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Other Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavors (milk), Malic Acid, Calcium Silicate, Sucralose, Beet Juice Powder (color), and Acesulfame Potassium.

ALLERGEN WARNING: Manufactured on equipment which processes products containing milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, fish oil, tree nuts and peanut flavor.

Suggested Use: Mix 1 level scoop with 6 to 8 oz of water 30 minutes before your training session. Do not consume PreCreXS™ 5 hours prior to sleep. DO NOT CONSUME MORE THAN ONE SCOOP PER DAY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Store in a cool dry place. Contents packed by weight not volume.

Warnings: Before consuming PreCreXS™ seek advice from a physician if you are unaware of your current health condition or have a medical condition, including but not limited to, heart, liver, kidney, thyroid disease, psychiatric or epileptic disorders, difficulty urinating, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, migraine headaches, enlarged prosate or glaucoma. Do not consume caffeine from other sources. Do not use PreCreXS™ if you have any pre-existing medical condition or if you are taking an MAO inhibitor, anti-depressants, asprin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or products containing phenylephrine, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or other medications or over the counter drugs containing stimulants, or any other form of medication. After 8 weeks of continuous use, discontinue for at least 2 weeks. Discontinue 2 week prior to surgery. Use only as directed. Not recommended for use by children under 18 years of age. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consume a minimum of 120 ounces of water daily in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Keep out of reach from children and pets.